About me

I'm Matthew Roberts, a 24 year old game developer, mainly specialising in programming and software development. I have been developing and playing with code, games, software and hardware for as long as I can remember.

Over the years of learning and often teaching I have fostered my ability to be a hardworking individual who can adapt to a multitude of different situations, never being detered by any challenge that seems tricky at first, which has helped me develop the wide range of skills such as C#, Python, Web, Unity Development and Advanced Version Control Practises. On top of this, because of the various team projects I've been a part of, I've gained a fully founded understanding of the Agile practice, conflict resolution and communication skills which allow me to stand out and excel in my goals and tasks. It's always been of great interest to me how things work beyond the pretty interfaces and UI, and when you pair that idea with my general love for games and technology you can see why I chose to persue this field.

I've had many different types of hobbies ranging from metal detecting, making music and streaming all the way to something as far out as model rocketry and designing flight computers to control and guide said model rockets. Besides those, I've held a strong passion for gaming for as long as I can remember and have been playing them for over a decade. Offline, I love to explore the environments and try to promote healthy development by going on bike rides, walking trails and getting out as much as I can.

To see more of my adventures outside, I try and post about them on my twitter.